You must believe in this one thing in order to sell. It is not optional.

“If you 100% believe that your product or solution is 100% right for your prospect, you have the moral obligation to do everything within your power to sell them your product.”

— Jay Abraham, legendary Sales & Marketing Pro

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You must believe in what you sell. It is not an option. Photo by Ethan Weil on Unsplash

How much do you believe in what you sell?

How much do you believe in what it is you sell? Seems like a rather fundamental question, wouldn’t you say? And it is. Though it surprises me how many salespeople do not believe in what it is they sell, like they are living a big professional lie of some sorts.

It ought to go without saying but you must believe in 100% what it is you sell. It is not an option. It is an obligation. If you don’t believe in it, you should get out of it and go and sell something else. Immediately. Right now. There are plenty of others things out there for you to go and be passionate about, to believe in, to really stand for.

Look at what happens when you sell something that you don’t believe in: you’re automatically incongruent with all people you interact with. You’re telling them things that, while maybe not 100% lies, are certainly not what you really believe. That’s not cool. It’s like you’re living a double-professional life, and that is exhausting. You only need one professional life, and that one professional life ought to be 100% congruent between you and your prospects and customers.

A good example is me selling you junk PCs. I don’t believe in PCs. I’ve been a Mac guy for almost two decades. I used to weep for PC users. Now, I just let them have them. You wouldn’t find me ever selling cheap PCs to anyone. I couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t want to do it. They’re not for me. If I attempted to sell a cheap PC to someone, I’d feel terribly incongruent and it would likely show through. Who wants that?

You must believe. You must believe in the product you’re selling.

What if you sold SAAS software you really didn’t believe in? What then? What if you really thought the competition had a better product and that yours was far inferior. And that every time someone brought up their name you really had no ammunition against them? What then? Think you’ll be very successful selling that SAAS software? It’ll be an uphill battle every time. You might think about going to work for the competition. May be a better use of your time.

Trying to sell what you don’t believe in is a waste of time and energy and emotion. You must find something you believe in 100% and get out there and sell that. Get after that. Get after moving that. If you don’t, you’ll always struggle in the land of mediocrity. And who wants to be mediocre?

Did you get into sales to be in the mediocre middle? Or, did you get into it to kill it, to be at the top of the leaderboard, to move units with ferocity? To make others successful with your product? To enhance their productivity? To put them at the top of their game? Which is it?

You ought to want to kill it. You ought to want to be at the top of your game. You ought to aim to be the best. Why wouldn’t you? Your goals are far more compelling when they’re shooting for the stars, aiming high.

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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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