Why don’t we try new things anymore?

As we age, we grow averse to trying new things. It’s natural, really. For fear of getting hurt emotionally or physically, or from a deeper seated reason for not wanting to change ourselves at all, we stop doing anything new.

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Why are we so afraid to try new things? Photo by Natia Rukhadze on Unsplash

Look at the child trying. They don’t care in the best possible way. They don’t know they should care.

The cost of learning and trying new things is you will suck at them at first. Probably for a few months. Maybe longer. Most people cannot take this sucking period and so they quit or don’t try. They’re too concerned with appearance and looking good in front of others. Young children have the decided advantage of not caring about looking good in front of others while trying new things. They just try. And try. And try. Trial and error. Keep going. Try. Try. Try. Keep going. And they don’t care in the best possible way: they don’t know they’re supposed to care about appearances. Therefore, trying new things is about as natural as it gets for young children. What a fabulous quality, too! It is such a shame we lose this wonderful, innate ability at such a young age.

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