What are you committed to figuring out?

What are you committed to figuring out? What do you want to see through to completion no matter what? What requires you to succeed? Who requires you to succeed? Performance necessity is a powerful motivator and catalyst to drive behavior. What must I do no matter what? Like my life depends upon it? Like my livelihood depends upon it? Who needs me to perform well here today? What are the musts in your life? These are the strong motivating forces that compel you to act. And action is what we’re after. Not thinking. Not contemplation. Not pondering. Action. Getting after it. This is the entrepreneur making another compelling offer. This is the salesman closing another deal. This is the author doing the daily writing session. This is the marketer running the next promotion. This is the normal Joe or Jane hitting the gym for the workout. This is the professional giving a talk on his subject of expertise. They’re busy doing.

The easy thing to do is to buy another course, buy another book, watch another webinar, to not begin, to not take active steps in the direction you want to go. While information & educational products are a wonderful way to package and sell things, they can make us awash in shiny object syndrome. There’s always another shiny package to buy from another guru. Ironically, this is the easy way out instead of taking action on what we already know. We already have enough to begin. We’re ready now. Brendon has this wonderful idea when it comes to learning something new and then taking near-immediate action on it: the 60 day rule. Give yourself 60 days to educate yourself and get ramped up on something new you want to accomplish, like create a blog, shoot a video series, host a webinar, etc, and then at the end of those 60 days, it is time to go do it. No excuses. No, “I’m not ready.” No just one more course. No procrastination. You already have everything you need to get started. Believe that you already have everything you need to begin. GO. Begin. Do. You’re already ready, you just can’t or won’t admit it. You need a push in that direction of action. 60 days, learn. Day 61, act. No matter what. This is a shiny object syndrome prevention mechanism. Two months is plenty of time to get ramped up in the new direction you wish to head. With discipline, you should already have begun before the 60 day term has elapsed. You could already be moving and acting in the direction you wish to go. This gets us out of guru worshipping syndrome. This gets us out of purchasing yet another course on the same subject. This gets us out of semi-passive consumption and into creation and action. What would you rather have? Another 3 courses completed and under your belt in 3 months or a fully-operational, profit-making e-commerce system working for you? Would you rather attend yet another webinar series or have created one for your audience that you make a regular compelling offer to? Would you rather have watched another YouTube series on a subject you love or have created your own video series based upon your area of expertise that you can use as a lead magnet or other paid content? The creation path is the more compelling one because it is the harder, even scarier, one. It is also, by far, the most fulfilling one. You followed through. You acted. You acted despite uncertainty and doubt, which is something few people choose to do. They’d rather wait for perfect timing. They’d rather wait until next month to start. They’d rather wait until conditions are perfect before they do. When all that really matters is that they do.

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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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