We’ve done some great things. If we’d only choose to see them for what they are.

Was there a time when you overcame something you didn’t think you could? Did you ever see a difficult project all the way through from initiation to completion? Did you knock something out that others said couldn’t be done? Did you test the limits of what you were capable of? Did you question when others cited policy? Did you employ creative workarounds to move things forward? Did you take a different angle entirely from what people recommended? We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We’ve come farther than we think. We typically undermine our own past accomplishments and play them down. We’ve done some great things if we’d only choose to see them for what they are.

Brendon talks about integrating the wins we’ve had. It is rare for high performers to take the time out to integrate their wins, telling themselves they did a good job and that they should be proud. Sure, it seems weird to do this. But it is also a part of gaining that sense of fulfillment and accomplishment when we’ve achieved one of our goals, even a small one. Many of us do not take the time to celebrate the small wins. We feel , well, we should have done that in the first place. Or, we get the thing we wanted and then feel that it wasn’t that big a deal. We are quick to undermine our own accomplishments. We shouldn’t do this. Even the small wins are important to us. They count. And they build us up to prepare us for the big wins. Plus the small wins get us the momentum we need to push forward. If it weren’t for the small wins, we’d have a tougher time seeing ourselves through to the big ones and big goals we desire to accomplish. Take the time out to integrate your wins. Do something for yourself that you normally wouldn’t. Create your own peak moment and celebrate it when you arrive there. If we don’t do this, we’ll feel a lull or emptiness when we accomplish our desires and have already moved onto the next goal. Integrate the win. Take the time. Celebrate with those you choose. Even small milestone accomplishments count toward progress in the right direction.

What’s next? After you’ve accomplished the big goal or desire you set out for, there always has to be something next you set your sights on. Why? What’s worse than spending a few years in pursuit of a big goal you’ve thought you always wanted, one day accomplishing it, and then not feeling fulfilled at its fulfillment? It can be ironically emptying. You thought this was THE thing you wanted, got it, and then it turned on you. There always has to be another pursuit, another big goal, another journey. Perhaps the original goal accomplishment felt empty because it was never about the destination in the first place. The journey keeps us aggressive, on the hunt, prepared, disciplined, and at work. The destination allows us to relax, kick back, enjoy ourselves, slack off of our normal routine and discipline, and, well, relax some more. We’re off. Many of us are not used to being off. Being off throws us off kilter. After working so hard to get something we thought we wanted and we achieve it and we get to relax a little, it feels weird, unnatural. It feels better to be aggressive, on the hunt, prepared and disciplined. Some may complain or brag about how hard they’re working but it keeps you sharp and on point. Pursuit of big goals places you on the journey to be sharp and on point and ready to serve, which is why you should always know what’s next. What’s the next big project to get after? You’re about to complete a big book project. Now, what do you do? A big product launch is coming to a close in the next few weeks. What do you have planned? What now? There must always be something or else we stagnate. We feel stymied. Riding off into the sunset is a false fantasy for high performers. There has to be something new, something larger to pursue, something you want to wake up and get after.

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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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