This is the Climax of the Story of Now.

What will become of you?

The story of now tells us that there is something more important than time. What could be more important than time, you plead?

Money? Status? Affiliation? Dominion? Leadership?


Making the decision for you. Making the decision for your family. Making the decision for better. Making the decision for your brighter future. Making the decision right now. This is the crux of the story of now: decision followed by action. The Doing. Deciding — once and for all — what you will and what you will not tolerate. Finally, taking a stand.


Because life doesn’t give us what we deserve; life gives us what we tolerate.

It has absolutely nothing to do with what you think / don’t think you deserve. If you think it has to do with what you deserve, then you must equally think that life is fair.

Only it isn’t. Nothing is fair.

Nothing in the business world is fair. Even things in the public sector are still not fair.

Why must the human condition endlessly complain about an unfair world like we’re forever 10 years old? There are millions and millions of people without access to clean water and we’re complaining about how we haven’t been shopping this week yet?

To complain about an unfair world is to scream at the empty boat with no one helming it. To wail about how unjust life is is to complain to the mirror. Only you can hear and see you. No one else is there to listen to you.

So, we can either decide to complain and wail and rail about an unjust / unfair world or we can decide today — right now— to make better things, which as Seth Godin teaches is the best way to complain.

What decision will you make at the climax of the story of now? What will your future look like? What will you decide it to be? What will you will it to be? Who will you decide to become?


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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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