The two core things at the heart of workplace engagement.

It blows my mind that there are salespeople out there that sell things they do not believe in or use. Why would you do that to your customer? To yourself? Talk about incongruence. No. Your belief in self and in the product have to be congruent. It’d be like selling your favorite thing you use all day, every day. Wouldn’t sales be easy if that were the case? 100% belief in product. 100% belief in self. 100% daily use. Why not set it up to come close to that? Why not set it up to get there? Why not build it to that?

You gotta believe in yourself, your product and your company. 100%.

You gotta believe. You gotta believe in yourself. You gotta believe in your company. You gotta believe in your product. And you gotta believe the customer is better off having bought from you. Marketing and salespeople that do not believe in their product, their company or themselves are simply fooling themselves at what they do professionally. Belief is the core thread that runs throughout everything we do. Without that core belief, we’re without backbone. It isn’t long before we sag. We should believe in what we do so much that we’re baffled as to why everyone doesn’t see the value in our offering. Should blow our minds. The belief should run deep that what we’ve got will help 10x people, 10x the value that people get from us. If it isn’t a 10x or better offer, we should build it up until it is 10x.

If you’re an Entrepreneur, you have to believe in your product because it may only be your belief that gets the customer to buy, especially early on. If you’re new, your belief should be so deep it should be naive because you don’t know any better. A wonderful sense of self belief. Only t has to be fortified through experience and testimonials and social proof. When other people say it, it is proof. Take them with you and showcase them on your sales page. People believe customers far more than they believe salespeople.

Belief is at the core of good marketing, too, because how can you tell a great story of transformation without believing in it yourself? How can you write the script? Shoot the video? Send the email? Bring people together in the community without the sense of belief in it? Maybe you can, but it’d feel terrible! It’d feel like you’re always doing the wrong thing, and who wants that? Why waste your time marketing and selling something you do not believe in ? Great marketers are congruent with the stories they tell, the promotions they send, and their core beliefs. They 100% believe in what they are doing. And they show up consistently with value for prospects and customers.

Belief is the fuel for what we do. It powers us. It’s our source, our core. Without that fuel, all our actions are 10% of what they’d normally be. Yes, we turn into 10%’ers. It isn’t even at the mediocre level. We’re barely trying here. Nobody should want to show up to work barely trying. What a waste of human potential and time! Worse, when we’re barely phoning it in, it negatively affects those around us. It is a lose-lose situation we must exit and/or show ourselves the door.

You owe it to yourself and to your career to find the thing you 100% believe in with all you got. Why? Because you don’t have as much time as you think. And the world needs you at your best, most giving, most generous, most positive, most energetic self. That’s how we need you to show up each day. We need you now. Sure, we need your passion, but you can always back into that through hard work and determination. You find your passion through movement, through doing, not through sitting around contemplating it. You find passion through momentum.

Belief and engagement in your work are gifts you give yourself and to your customers. People can sense it. And they act as a catalyst to connect and eventually to buy from you. Plus, it just feels so much better when you are 100% believing and engaging in the work. It feels like you’re making a difference in peoples’ lives. It feels like you win every day. And you are because you believe it.

Belief and engagement drive generosity. As sales and marketing pros, we can never be generous enough! Most of us are barely scratching the surface of our generosity. Which, in reverse, is why our engagement is also low. Be more generous continues to be my professional theme. Everybody wins when we choose to give first, to be more generous first. Done with consistency, we’re already winning for our customers and prospects. We always have something of value to put in front of them. 100% belief in what you’re doing is a part of that value for people because you’re simply a stronger, more resilient person. Belief and engagement are the building blocks for generosity. You will always be thinking about what more you can do for your customer. What more do they need? What other problems of theirs can we solve? What can I do to help my customer’s customer? We’ll look for creative ways to help them. You’ll be thinking way more about them than you will about yourself, which is what you should be doing. The world does not need more selfish salespeople. Plus, this generosity will pour over into your personal life, too, improving and enhancing and deepening your relationships.

Core belief and engagement in what you do will not make your days a slog any more. No. It’ll be the opposite. Your days will be more like vacation days. When you really believe in what it is you do, your dedication, drive and fire ignite. You have tons more energy. Your sense of positive anticipation is through the roof. You know you’ve got something cool, and you can’t wait to share it with people. And you’ll naturally attract more people — the /right/ people — to you. And you will have so much more fun! And fun is a wonderful differentiator for sales and marketing pros, not to mention an innovation in business. How fun are you now to do business with? Are you having fun every day?

Do yourself and the world a favor and really work on your core beliefs and, thus, your engagement at work. Remember: if you don’t believe in what you do, you won’t even rise to mediocrity. Why would you want that for yourself? Treat yourself better because you are better than that! You are better! Have higher expectations for yourself and what you’re capable of. Believe it for yourself. Believe it for your customer. Believe it for your career. If it is possible for someone else, it is possible for you. 100% engagement and belief will make all of your days so much better for everyone, especially yourself.


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