The Modern Sales & Marketing Pro is an Expert and this thing, too.

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I think the modern sales & marketing pro is an Expert & an Entertainer. Not 100% of the time, but a large part of the time. You are tonight’s entertainment! And you outta celebrate that. Celebrate the fact that you are an entertainer. It means that you are not with the mainstream. It means that your hours are off. It means that you benefit from asymmetric payouts. It means you get paid to show up, ready to serve. It means that you’re here /for them/.

People are bored. We live in the greatest age of entertainment — whatever you want to watch, it is available with a simple voice command — and yet we’re bored. How does that work? We have EVERYTHING at home on-demand, and yet we’re bored and pissed when the pseudo authorities tell us to stay home. (We like home — — we just don’t like the pseudo authorities to tell us to stay home. We’re more independent than we give ourselves credit for. That, plus we are mobile people. We go places. We are momentum.)

Do not underestimate how bored people are.

If you can stay in front of your market regularly with expertise and with entertainment, you’re a Mensch. You’ve got it. Always have something to be inviting people to. Shoot for once a week. It’s a good rhythm. Mix up your format as well. Podcast. Webinar teaching valuable stuff. Solving problems. Telling great stories relevant to them and their stuff. Video training. If you’re doing cool stuff with cool people, record that and show that. Always be thinking about what else your market would find cool or helpful. Look for that message-to-market match. Don’t forget: people will still pay great money to be Entertained. Look at Disney. Entertainment is a big time value add. Do not underestimate how bored people are and how much they seek escape.

Your customer wants to hang out with you more than you know. The catch is they’re never going to tell you this. You’re on your own to figure this out. I know because I get to spend breakfast, lunch and dinner with my customers. If you get to invest ALL DAY LONG in your relationship with your customers, you’re going to get to know them real well. You’re going to build deep relationships with them. They know my foibles and they love me for them because mine remind them that I’m not that different from them. I walk with them. I eat with them. I solve problems with them. I tell stories with them. We create our own stories together. And if you’re lucky enough to get to travel with your customers, you create your own memories together. Pretty sweet.

Social Proof Sells.

Look at the advantages of going with the rifle, highly targeted approach vs. the shotgun, spread out, let’s-see-who-we-get-with-this deal. By focusing on the select few — highly targeted customers — I get to build deep, meaningful relationships with them. The KLT factor is through the roof. When it comes to sales & marketing, I always prefer to take the Jeffrey Gitomer approach and state “Friends first or nothing at all.” Friends buy and take recommendations from other friends. Duh.

It’s the same thing in sales. Social proof sells. When we don’t know what to do, we look to our friends to help guide us. Everybody does this. If I can go deep with a select few, these select few may love doing business with me so much that they morph into my own, personal sales staff, telling people they know how great I am and how helpful I am. Who wouldn’t want that? People telling their friends how great you are and that they outta check you and your stuff out? I want that! You should, too. Do not underestimate the know, like & Trust factor with your customers & prospects.

A common missing ingredient in selling.

One thing I see missing from many sales & marketing pros’ arsenal is excitement for what it is you got. No one is going to be as excited about it as you are. No one. So, AMP UP the Excitement! Sell like you’re a super excited 9 year old playing Xbox! Sell like you’re Tony Robbins coaching / yelling at someone excitedly! Sell like you’re Brendon Burchard live and in person at the next HPX event! AMP IT UP! Why amp it up? Because people need more excitement in their lives. And excitement is wonderful & contagious. Remember that most people are bored day-to-day. They need a lot more Excitement in their lives. And you outta be the one to give it to them.

If I can AMP IT UP for construction chemicals, tile & stone setting materials, and for self-leveling and industrial flooring systems, you can do it for whatever it is you sell. Enthusiasm is contagious! Excitement is contagious! Positive human emotions sell! Remember: it’s not really about the what. It’s not about your thing. It’s not about your stuff. It is about /The Who/. Your single target market and your level of excitement and engagement. No one will be as excited about your creation as you are. So, AMP It Up for them! For your people. For yourself. For those you seek to serve.

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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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