Start with these two most underrated human qualities. You will rocket out of the gate.

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Start with courage & curiosity. Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

It all begins with curiosity. We need to be more curious, more curious with ourselves and with others. Curiosity is a foundational trait for good coaching. Ask more questions of yourself and to others. More questions — less advice. It surprises me how little some of us take an interest in others, even those closest to us. It usually only takes a few questions to get people rattling off interests in career, hobbies, and travel. It’s just that few ever take the time to ask them. It’s too bad, really. We’re quite self-absorbed. It is no wonder people pay good money today simply to have other people listen to them. They see and feel the value. It is money well spent.

Don’t be too busy playing too small.

Sometimes we have to dig. Digging takes courage, especially with yourself. This is why we also have to start with courage. If you’re going to get anywhere desirable, you must employ courage. It even takes courage to think bigger. Most of us do not allow ourselves to think big like the 10x thinking and planning Grant Cardone is always talking about and promoting. Most of us won’t give ourselves the permission. Strangely. We are too busy playing too small inside this little box over here. We need to blow the doors off of that little box and allow ourselves to go for it, to really nail it. But most of us are standing in our own way, unable to get out. That part is sad. If we’d only move slightly. Or, move a lot to break through the ceilings we create for ourselves.

Many of us are too busy waiting on others to credential us, to certify us, to say we’re OK to proceed. We do this despite the fact that there is no one out there we need permission from to proceed. We already have everything we need to be successful. We have everything we need right now. We don’t need anything else. We can be successful right now. Let’s go. If only there was a good way to get people to see this, to feel this, to know this. Even despite seeing and feeling example after example, people still doubt themselves. They doubt until they do. Like entrepreneurs, they earn their confidence through doing.

We don’t need the MBA to succeed or to finally gain the respect of our peers. We can skip the two years and $150,000 and simply start our own business where you’ll learn more doing that than you would at attaining five MBAs over ten years. Not to mention it’ll be more engaging and potentially more lucrative. You’ll also have more skin in the game, which is always a good idea.

There’s no need to wait. Go Now.

We don’t need permission from anyone to pursue what we want to pursue, to explore where we want to go, on what part of ourselves we want to grow next. We just pick it and go. Find a market that has demand and supply it. Go. Learn. There’s no need to wait. Go now.

The reason why people don’t go now and get after it is because they’re scared. They’re scared of failure. They’re scared of what they might give up in its pursuit. They’re scared of success even. They’re scared for the future. Yet you really don’t have to give up anything. You just go. Or, you do two things at once or three things at once, testing one or two things along the way. Testing and tweaking. Testing and tweaking. Gauging whether there is demand first before going all in. Do people want this? And are they willing to pay?

Be curious for your own success.

Be curious for your own success. What are you capable of? You don’t know what you’re capable of. You don’t know because you haven’t explored its depths yet. You can’t know without exploring them first. Your capabilities run deep. You are capable of far more than you ever thought. This should excite you. This should be thrilling. You are actually better, deeper, even more powerful than you think. You have wells of potential untapped. This is a wonderful idea we should all be excited about exploring. What capabilities are next for us? What about ourselves will we work on unearthing next?

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