pThis leadership skill is vastly underrated.

How you show up matters.

Intention is underrated. Those lost in a sea of distraction need look no further than daily intention and performance prompts to steer themselves in the right direction. Daily intention about who they want to become today. Intention about future projects & dreams that they can touch upon first thing in the morning. Intention about how you want to show up for the most important people in your life. Intention about how you’ll show up as a leader today. Intention about the top two or three projects you have to hammer on today. Intention about how you would like it to feel today. Intention about how you want it to go today. Intention about the feelings you desire to generate today. How will you show up for people today? Even the public?

These are no small questions. These are performance prompts. These ‘small’ daily decisions comprise who we will become today. These daily intentions create our future. Exactly like a planner, except we’re planning our emotions, our feelings, our interactions. What could be more important?

## If you’re an executive…

If you’re an executive, this matters WAY more than you think. Your consistent emotional state matters a TON to others. Make no mistake: a shitty attitude rolls downhill. A positive outlook uplifts people, even when the chips are down. It seems so basic — and it is! — and I bet you struggle with this because we all do.

It’s so easy to dismiss attitude and outlook in leadership as soft B.S. nobody has time for. And yet they’re essential. And they transcend industry. They also transcend the boss because you can be the leader who stops the shit from rolling downhill. Bosses with crappy attitudes can be managed up but don’t expect them to leave or be let go. The meanest SOBs always last the longest just like evil people always live the longest. Don’t forget that. Also, don’t expect them to change, because it’s not gonna happen. Accept people for who they are even if it is a shitty reality. Hey, at least they’re consistent!

You will beat your head against the wall trying to change people who obviously do not want to change. Don’t put yourself through that. Instead, accept them for who they are. Then, use performance prompts into how you will best deal with them. Solid intentions can deal with any mean, ol’ SOB with next bold actions.




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