Now is the time to be more of this highly influential quality than you’ve ever been before. Be more This.

Be more Generous than you’ve ever been.
Now is the time to be more generous This is why stinginess has no place in your offers. No place at all. Now is never the time to be stingy. Now, is the time to be more generous than you’ve ever been! Remember: everyone wants to hang around and be friends with really generous people because generous people never go out of style. And they inspire others with their generous acts. While some people for some reason don’t think they can be generous or act in generous ways, they secretly admire the people who do. And why wouldn’t they? It’s the key to winning future friends and influencing people because we all want to hang around people like this.

Keep on surprising your audience.

If you keep on surprising them with more training, more tools, more knowledge, more compelling stories, and increased identity with your brand, they will love you and buy from you forever. Those brands that can provide these things to their people win. Always be thinking about what else you can provide to your customer to enhance the relationship. Think about what else they will need. Think about what a big future win will be for them. Think about what the unconscious needs are that they need met and then give them those: belonging, status, exclusivity, sense of purpose, identity, and Mission.

Keep focusing on unconscious needs + primary human drives.

These unconscious needs are vital because they are primary human drives. These are the things that we do not actively think about but are what really drive our decision-making and our executive function. Without these, we feel lost, out of sorts, not our powerful selves. This is why powerful brands design movements around what it is they do. The powerful brands bring those primary, unconscious human drives to their messaging, to their branding, to their products: belonging, status, exclusivity, sense of purpose, a strong sense of identity, and Mission. We’re creating culture here because this is people like us doing things like this. We aren’t like the others. We are not their kind. What we’re doing here isn’t for everyone. This is also how you attract the right kind of person to your brand and repel the others who will never be for your brand.

Focus on great storytelling + signaling.

How do we do all that? We do all that through great storytelling and signaling. We give them identifiable stories. We give them identifiable symbols to rally around. We give them battlecries and slogans and mantras. We give them a common enemy. We create an Us vs. Them social dynamic. We give them something to fight for. We always encourage them to continue, to keep going, to keep creating, to keep sharing. Because we want to help them achieve their dreams, whatever the Mission is that they set out to accomplish.



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