Mental ON Mental Toughness. This is your Creative Charter.

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On Mental Toughness. This is your Creative Charter.

“We see the world not as it is, but as we are.”

— Dr. Steven Covey

So much of this has to do with our attitude, our outlook on life. Which is it most in general? Positive or negative? Powerfully, it doesn’t have to do with what happens to you. Bad things happen to all people, and yet some of us are still positive on the world. Are you?

The world is a complex place, far too complex for the nightly news to give you a fair shake or perspective on it. The nightly news can only give you a view on what it thinks are the day’s salient stories, you know, the salacious ones. Salacious stories account for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the world. They are not an accurate representation of the world. No. Great, wonderful things happened in the world today, but you will not hear about them on the nightly news. This is not the world as it is, but as the producers of the nighty news are. These are two entities that are so far apart that to think that one can describe the other is laughable.

We create for our people. We create to make the world better.

Our worldview has a big impact upon our work. It colors our output. We cannot help ourselves because how we view the world shines like bright lights between the lines we write. (The keen, intuitive reader can see my own worldview between these lines right now.) It isn’t a mystery. We all possess powers of intuition. Some are simply more honed than others. I whittle away at mine each day. It makes you sharper.

Our worldview is a choice. We pick it. We choose to express it.

Make things better. This is the Creative Charter.

I use the Creative Hammer as a metaphor: only those who are in it for their fans, for their people, earn the right to use the Creative Hammer. If you’re only doing this for yourself, for selfish reasons, then the Creative Hammer lies dormant for you, unusable. It can only be used for the good of others. This ensures it stays in the proper, creative hands. And so here we are: for what reasons are you creating today? Out of glory to self or out of obligation to your people? Who needs you on your ‘A’ Game more? You or your people? Your friends? Your family? Yes, we draw power from the self. But we really draw power from others for we will do more for others than we will for ourselves. Think about who needs you and what you create right now. Who is tuning in to see what you’ll do next?

Creativity as Philosophy

This is not one and done. It never was. No. This is create every day. This is work it to 80 to 90% and release to your people to gather feedback. This is making the thing even better than it was originally. This is taking another idea, working it, honing it, massaging it and then re-releasing it. This is creating v2.0. Then, creating V3.0. Then, really being proud of what we’ve done and what we have given to the world for we have made things better for our people, for those we seek to serve. We should be proud because this is exactly why we’re here. We are in complete, 100% 💯 alignment with our Creative Charter. This is why it feels so right, so true. And why we get after it again tomorrow. There is never a need to wait. GO. Now.






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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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