Is Creativity only for the special people?

Creativity isn’t something that is bestowed upon some and not upon others. It is something that is worked at. Honed away at. But it is made to be mysterious. Creativity isn’t necessary hard. It’s simply work. Working on how you think. Working on how you approach the work. Being selective on what you want to work on. Creativity is thinking differently about objects and movement. Creativity is throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. Creativity is keeping options open until they no longer are viable. Creativity is making things fit where they normally wouldn’t. Creativity makes you a great problem-solver.

Today, companies pay top dollar for creative thinkers and problem solvers. In fact, creativity is a company priority. Leaders believe creativity is the missing value to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. They further believe in the creatives for product management, marketing and sales. In fact, in sales, creativity is the most underrated value. How do you creatively present a deal? How do you creatively get to see the other guy’s side and still fix his problem with your solution? How do you creatively fix the bidding document with parameters so that the choice comes out in your favor? How do you confidently present your stuff without coming across as arrogant or a know-it-all? Creativity solves all these.

Creativity is the child of innovation. Innovation is thrown around so much today in business circles that it is cliche. However, it is a vitally important corporate value. If we’re not creatively innovating, we’re stagnating. We’re falling behind, and no one wants that. We must innovate to stay out on top and be category leaders. There isn’t much innovation without creativity. People still must go around connecting the disparate dots others do not see. We’re not making things happen if we’re not doing this.

Creativity is so important that it should be taught as continuous learning modules. Teach people to think differently, alternatively, wildly other worldly. Even if it is occasionally crazy, that’s OK. The crazy idea today becomes tomorrow’s top innovation. Companies that take innovation seriously and allocate time and money to this important business category are the ones well positioned for future growth.

How do you prove capability in creativity? Wake up and write. Think hard and blog. Post your thoughts. Share your creative insights with others. If you really want to get good, teach your topic to others. Create videos that showcase your thinking and creativity. Create a course that proves you can teach your topic. Creativity is an untapped well spring of knowledge if you believe it is. If you horde your creative thoughts, you feel creativity is capped. (It isn’t.) Creativity is unlimited and powerful and really shows its mettle when taught and shared.

There are two keys to creativity: the work and the belief in oneself that you’re capable of it. Like any value we desire, creativity only works for people who believe in themselves to possess it and then work at it. You won’t work at it if you don’t believe in yourself enough to possess it. It will be drudgery, like saying you suck at creativity over and over again. But if you’re having fun at it, like a small child at play, then you will enjoy the work, enjoy the process, maybe even make something you’re proud of. You must believe in yourself first. Then, do the work.

I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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