Injecting Meaning into Things vs. Deriving Meaning out of things.

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Do you Inject meaning into things or derive meaning from things?

Putting meaning into things vs. Deriving meaning out of things

I think that’s backward.

I think we inject meaning into the things we do. I think we inject meaning through our actions and our thoughts. I don’t take meaning from working-out or reading or writing. I decide to inject the meaning into these words as a form of self-expression, of creativity. I inject meaning into a coaching call with a friend. I inject meaning into a dinner with customers.

It is clear that we are meaning-making machines, often to our own peril in our minds. Sometimes there is no meaning. There just is. There just is the way things are. Like Ryan Holiday says in the Obstacle is the Way, we do our best to jack ourselves up with meaning making, rather than just leaving things well enough alone. We want to mold things into our meaning making. We wonder why things didn’t go our liking, to the way we wanted. When all along, things — and people — just are.

My executive coach has a great example. Many of us wonder why nobody watched our video, why nobody replied to our one email, why the click through rate sucked, why nobody clicked on our one Facebook ad set we spent $10 on, why our one blog post was ignored. And here it is:

#Nobody was even thinking about you!

#Most of us suck at communication because we’re only coming from our perspective.

Today, you must be consistent and frequent with it — automate it — and hit them over the head with it. And the ‘it’ , the content, has to be about them: how they benefit; how they produce more; how they halve the time it takes them to normally do something; how they automate a lame, manual process.

Let me repeat: make it all about them. People don’t want a features list. They want a customer success story in the way Salesforce tells it. Why? Because stories sell!

I believe you have to hit them over the head with it in omnichannel (multi-channel) format from as many angles as possible with precise messaging. It’s like creatively solving the mass communication problem with even more ways, more options, more angles of messaging. (Many of which drive people crazy, which is why you have to empathize with that and figure out which mode your customers and prospects best respond to. Then, do more of that mode for that particular customer.) Sounds like work? It is!

Oh, but what if you achieve perfect message-to-market match!? Perfect product-market fit? What if our software and apps could nudge product toward people with the intent to buy? What if we made a lot of them repeat buyers buying on subscription? The Holy Grail of business? Then, what? People buy! Over and over and over again!

People don’t unsubscribe from messaging the resonates with them.

There are people out there that you LOVE hearing from over email! Admit it! People you don’t even know personally, but they make it feel like you do. They are out there! And I bet you buy from them over and over and over again. I do. And that ought to be every business owner’s main marketing goal: make your messaging so great that customers LOVE hearing from you.

## What if you prevented a $150,000 problem from occurring?

All Innovation starts with your customer*. Never forget that.

Guess who would like to hear the story about how somebody helped prevent a $150,000 field problem from happening? People in that same market. Will you put the story in front of them? Will you only put the story in front of them 1x? 3x? 10x? I can guarantee you that nobody sees it 1x.

External rewards. External things.

Back to our meaning-making machinery. The reason why we’re all so jacked up about meaning is that we make it all about us — we’re selfish! We whine, “Why didn’t I get that? Why wasn’t I picked!? Why didn’t I get the promotion?” We whine. (Yes, we do.)

We’re deriving external rewards from deriving meaning from external things. Which I believe is a human mistake. We have a really, REALLY hard time being happy for others’ success, especially when we’re struggling. That’s hard! Especially when we play Zero sum games.

When does confidence arrive?

To find clarity for you, you have to seek it out every day in performance prompts. Guys, this is about 100x to 1000x more important than your inbox or social media distraction. Clarity about what it is you want right now, what you want for your family, your career, your life. Start there. Get it out. Write it down.

Start with clarity. Start with gratitude. Start with all the awesome things in your life you got right now. This will help you to redefine your meaning / what’s important to you and what’s not. And you cannot find clarity by only doing it once — you Gotta do it again and again and again and again. Best if done daily. Every day! Daily dose of Vitamin C. You will not believe the difference this will make in your life. Especially if you feel lost either personally or professionally or both.

Go get after it! Find it! Re-discover it! It is out there for all of us!


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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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