If you don’t have product differentiation, you’d better have this kind of differentiation.

When you have compelling goals and vision, and you pursue them with all you’ve got, you are a tremendous role model for others. You inspire others. You’ve got a mission you’re dedicated to. You walk and talk with purpose and clarity. You sell simply because of your drive and fire. You are 100% convincing. People want to be around you and absorb your energy. You embody the mission and purpose you stand for. You are a role model. People like you are rare. These are valuable skills.

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You better have individual differentiation, then. Like your beloved doggie. How are you different? Photo by Jordan Nelson on Unsplash

A compelling mission, vision and goals create that excitement within. You cannot help yourself. You Must pursue them at all costs. It is your definitiveness of purpose. You are clear in what you want, and you get after it. Sure, there will be obstacles, but they pale in comparison to your fire and drive. You simply leap over them or go around them or work to obliterate those in your path. Some silly obstacle isn’t going to stop you from your compelling mission of helping others. No chance of that happening. You’re too focused, too driven. This is excitement driven by Mission.

The compelling mission, vision and purpose also creates confidence. This is confidence in purpose, in knowing what you’re doing, yes, but, perhaps more important: knowing why you’re doing it. Most people don’t think about the why, and their why is a very powerful motivating force. Why do you do something? What is your true motive here? Why do you keep coming in here, performing these actions over and over again? What is your driving force? By asking why five times, like a child, you can get to your true motivation for why you do what what do. It’s an exercise worth doing because when you know why you do it, you strengthen your definitiveness of purpose. And all of us could use a strengthening of our definitiveness of purpose. Further, we can use a strengthening of the confidence in knowing what we’re doing.

What helps to cement and clarify your purpose in what you’re doing is to state clearly what benefit you offer to others. If you’re in sales and marketing, you better have this figured out already. If not, think about this today: what do you do each day that others benefit from? Do you provide value to people? Are you a creative problem-solver? Do you connect people with ease? Can you navigate the internal workings of your company to get stuff done? Are you a perceived expert in your field? Do people look to you as a valued resource? How much fun are you to be around? Do you take care of people? Are you an active giver? Do you invest in the relationship with time and money and emotion?

While some of these are basic, you’d be surprised how often they are overlooked or never thought of as adding value. If you don’t have product differentiation, you’d better have individual differentiation. A company’s greatest asset is always its people. People that are clear on their mission and purpose, and are givers first can do anything.

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