Focus on the things that do not change.

Focus on the things that don’t change. What will people always want? What will always be the most desirous? This typically ignores the tech into the soft things people want: great customer service; value; free shipping; speed; selection; positive emotional experiences; belonging. Jeff Bezos tells his employees to focus on what won’t change in 25 years. Of course, the tech will change. Of course, markets may shift. But what people want and value today will be similar in 25 years. There will be some variation, but values do not change that frequently. Focus on that. Find the things people will always value and focus your product and services around that.

Look at Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is built around things that people value: speed; selection; on-demand entertainment; order frequency; preferential treatment; and other values. Note that Prime customers are a great market segment for Amazon to try new things on. They’re Amazon’s best customers who buy frequently. If Amazon wants to test the market on new ideas, they have a perfect target segment in which to try new things. Amazon Prime is also a great loyalty program for the company and its best customers. They even get to charge them to be a part of this loyalty program, and people are willing to pay.

Look at Apple. Apple focuses on exclusivity, simplicity, high end design, and ease of use. These are a part of the company’s ethos that goes into everything they do, especially when it comes to design. These are the principles Apple has that do not change. They’re always concerned about the end user experience. That value will not change in 25 years. The tech itself will change, of course, but how Apple wants to shape and mold that tech in its products will not change. The timeless values Apple instills into its products exude curiosity and wonder, which are two emotions Apple aims to evoke from its end users. People will still want to feel curious and experience wonder in 25 years. In fact, they may be more valuable experiences than ever by then.

People buy because of how you make them feel. The more positive their feelings and experiences with you, the more they’ll buy from you. The more you focus on an exceptional end user experience, the more they’ll buy from you. The more you can deliver on the things that do not change, the more they’ll buy from you. The more you can personalize the experience for them, they more they’ll buy from you.

I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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