Find out the Essence of Business Success. Even Life Success. Get to this Truth. The Super-Fabulous Secret your Therapist and Coach don’t want you to know.


Find out what people want and then give it to them.

Yes, that sums it up.

Could be the simplest distillation of business out there. What is it that people, your people, these people, want? What’s working now? What are they buying right now? How frequently are they buying it? How are they buying it? In what quantities? What kind of memberships are they buying? What kind of belonging do they require? What levels? Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Onyx? What do they get at each level? How much does status mean to them? Find out where the money’s going and then step into its flow. Ask the Dan Kennedy question: What would money think about this? Would money approve of this? Would money flow to this package, to this membership, to this web app, to this coaching, to this compelling offer? Want to know what money thinks today? Just look where it is flowing because it is always flowing all around you, all the time. You just have to stop and observe.

Dan’s thing is a great metaphor for market research, a vital step in sales & marketing systems. Without market research, you’re flying blind. You’re flying without instruments and gauges. You’ve got stuff to market and sell, but you don’t know your who. You don’t know who will give you money. You don’t know anything about them, about your people. When you’re flying without instruments, you gotta problem! You got a series of problems!

#Start with The Who. Start with Your People.

As sales & marketing pros, we know that the money is in market, the people we seek to serve. As sales and marketing pros, we need to know to always start with the market, with our people, with what our people want, with the transformation they seek, with the adventure they seek, with the status they seek, with the fun they seek. (Never underestimate fun! People are bored.)

Here’s what you don’t want…

You don’t want a product seeking out a market. One lonely product out there with no one to buy it. The one lonely product withers on the vine.

You want a market seeking out a product. You want your people to demand it of you. You start with listening to your people.

What’s on your peoples’ minds? What’s going through their heads? What is the Zeitgeist of your people? What’s their collective Spirit telling them?

We also need to begin with humility, acknowledging and living the fact that our market doesn’t care about what we want. (Yes, really. They don’t care.) Our people care about what /they/ want. So we should never lead with our stuff, with our goods, with our thing, no matter how awesome it is. No. We should lead with inquiry, with questions, with acknowledging their problems, with what’s on their mind right now.

What’s on your mind?

This is what Facebook does. This is The Facebook question, a super important question that also doubles as a fabulous coaching question: What’s on your mind? This is the inciting incident: the big ask. Watch what happens.
Watch what happens when you enter into the conversation currently going on inside the customer’s mind.

Big Things happen.

You’d be amazed at what people will tell you if you just stop what you’re doing and listen. Really listen to them. Prepare yourself.

I have a confirmed hypothesis, a wonderful, super-compelling secret I am about to spill to you. This is something that’s been under all our noses for a very long time, years, in fact, but we’ve all been SO BUSY that we’ve been too blind to it. This secret will make you money. Good money, in fact. This secret is available to us all if we only believe it for ourselves. We may actually be on the other side of the deal with this secret.

Are you ready for it? It’s gonna blow your mind.

It is this: *People will pay you to listen to them*. People will pay you $100 / hour to listen to them. Some will even pay $500 / hour. There may be no limit to what people will pay. Perhaps the only pricing limit is in your mind. What people are willing to pay depends upon them and a little on you.

Let’s Zoom-in and then Zoom-out…

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s Zoom in and look at job titles. Therapists routinely charge $80 / hour to listen to peoples’ inner head trash. Psychiatrists routinely charge $150 to 200 / hour to do the same thing. Coaches charge anywhere from $200 to $1,000 / hour per coaching session with no pushback on the $ 💰if the target market is precise. Consultants, providers of advice and expertise, charge $500 to $1,000 / hour for their advice. Let me repeat that: *For Their Advice*.

Not for action. Not for running a 100 mile ultra. Not for bench-pressing 235 lbs 35x. Not for writing a book for the customer. Not for any sort of deliverable. For their advice. For the privilege of listening to them speak words. Not too shabby.

You come to realize that things are good and the world is a cool place when you realize People will pay you to listen to them, and that they will pay to listen to you. Doesn’t Taylor Swift know it!? Doesn’t Joe Rogan know it!? Doesn’t Tim Ferriss know it!? Doesn’t Dan Kennedy know it!?

“If you don’t put a price on what you charge, somebody else will, and you won’t be very happy with their number.”
— Dan Kennedy & Joe Polish, Sales & Marketing Wizards

Turns out that price is all in your inner head trash.* Yes, really.

Sales & Marketing Pros and Entrepreneurs get all bent out of shape over price. What prices to charge. What will people pay. How much is too much. Too little. Too cheap. Too expensive. Too sideways. Too much, too fast. No-one-will-pay-this-much. Everyone-will-only-pay-this-golly-gee-that’s-not-much-money.

We tend to price our stuff as in nobody has any money at all. Why would we do that!? That’s foolishness! There is plenty of money out there if you believe there is. Why would we price corresponding to crappy self-esteem and not to market desires? Now, what do we do!? Well, we look at what the other guy is doing and we charge that. Must be correct, right!?

“Your inner fears are not marketplace realities.”
— Brendon Burchard

#What if…? What if we…? What if we try…? What if we try testing it?

What if we try testing the price just to see what happens? What if we relieve ourselves of all this pricing inner head trash and go test!? What would happen!? Well, we’d know the truth of the market — which is the only truth that matters. Our inner-head trash-truth makes no difference to our market. We know by data. You know, data-backed decision-making instead of decision-making via gossip, hearsay and conjecture.

The faster you get to the truth of the market, the faster you win. You got to get the data.

As Sales & Marketing Pros, we can be guilty of being professional guessers. There is an old saying in marketing: “The good news is that half of my marketing is working. The bad news is that I don’t know which half.”

With data, through tiny testing without investing much money, we can know now! For those who come from the old world of marketing, this should be incredibly exciting because it is! Now, we know! It’s data-backed! We know what people buy and what they’re willing to pay for and what frequency they purchase. WOW!

Stop guessing and get to the truth of your market — fast.


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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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