Everything is teachable. There is no skill set that isn’t teachable. This should surprise those who think some people simply have the talent while others do not. It is not an either-or deal. You can develop it. Public speaking is teachable. Jumping higher is teachable. A good 40 time is teachable. A better jump shot is teachable. Tennis is teachable. So is golf. No one was good out of the gate at these sports. They had to practice and take lessons and practice again to get to a level of competency. just like everyone else. Are there natural inclinations to some sports? Sure. Can we take advantage of those? Sure. But a natural inclination will never take the place of practice and lessons and simply working at the sport.

When you believe that everything is teachable, you have the growth mindset. You believe we’re all capable of growing in everything we do, and that with the aforementioned practice, anyone can get better. This applies to us all. We believe we’re all capable of improving. It’s a choice to think this way, to believe that we’re not fixed, that we can grow into the people we want to become. The opposite of this thinking is the fixed mindset, the belief that we’re all “fixed” where we’re at, that we cannot grow, that we cannot improve, that talent is innate, you either have it or you don’t. When you’ve got the fixed mindset, you’re down on talent and you’re close-minded. You think people are simply born good or at least have the innate talent they’re born with in order to get good. Note that the fixed mindset is also a choice of beliefs, a (flawed) way of thinking. The fixed mindset says 0nly certain things are teachable, not all things. Therefore, you can only teach these skills over here. Only we’re not fixed. Our bodies are not fixed. Our minds are not fixed. We’re always growing, evolving, changing, and improving.

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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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