Be Willing to sit with the Discomfort. This is Turning Pro. This is Creative Catastrophe.

With creativity, you’re going to go through some suck. Sometimes, it does suck and there’s little you can do about it. The suck feels like a slump. You’re down, but not out. (You’re only out if you quit.)

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What to do when you encounter a creative catastrophe. On turning pro.

Sitting with the discomfort. OMG! 😮 A Creative Catastrophe!

Most people will never sit with the discomfort, the unknowing, embracing the suck. Most people are absolutely unwilling to do this.

On Turning Pro & Creative Catastrophe

Pressfield also talks about his big failures. When you think you’ve created something great and you show it to people you trust and it turns out that they hate what you created, as in HATE what you created, that’s a big failure. It’s a creative catastrophe. Many people never recover from such events. It’s too much for them and so they quit. They just cannot take the rejection. But there is a silver lining in this creative catastrophe. It means you’ve just *Turned Pro*.

# The best thing we can do.

The best thing we can do after we’re done creating the thing we’ve been creating is to immediately begin creating the new-new thing.

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