Always think: what will make a positive difference in the lives of others today?

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Always think: What will make a positive difference in the lives of others today?

What will make a positive difference in the lives of others today? Which of your prolific outputs will matter the most in the years to come? You won’t know which of your outputs will matter the most in the years to come. Sometimes pieces you don’t think will do well actually perform. And other times, pieces you swear will kill it barely move the needle. This is why creating content consistently and staying in front of your audience matters so much. You can never have enough. There is always something more to create, something more to share. Content is an insatiable need. This is why we’re all in the creating and sharing business. We need to make it happen. No one will do it for us.

How do you do it all? Through daily disciplined creation and output. You simply have output goals. You block time to create and to contribute, two hours, three hours at a time. That’s how you get to your creation goals. That’s how you knock them out one by one.

Another day of getting after it. Anther day of creation. Another day of making things happen for others and for ourselves. Another day of creative contribution. Another day of discipline. Another day of knowing what to do and doing it. Another day of execution. Another day of creating. Another day of goal setting and attainment. Another day of knowing what to say no to. Another day of getting it done now. Another day of showing up. All of these things culminate in another day of victory, another day of success, another day of fulfillment, another day of getting paid. It feels good to be fulfilled. It feels good to be on the right track. It feels good to wake up and know exactly what to do to get after it. It feels good to know you’re executing on the things that matter the most to you. It feels good to make a positive difference in the lives of others. This is what waking up and getting after it is all about. Where will I place my focus today? How can I best be of service here? What is required of me to serve well and with excellence? What will make the most difference for others today? What will make others successful today?

You must know where you want to make your difference today. How can you best contribute? What of your strengths and weaknesses can be leveraged to others’ benefit? how can they learn from you and your coaching? What moves did you make that made the difference? What matters the most to your audience and in what format? What do they seek from you?

Never forget that youre the expert, whatever your particular brand of expertise is. You’ve got this. You have the talent and the know how to deliver. People come to you for answers. You’re a resource to them. You have figured out certain things in this life that are of great benefit to others, thus making you an expert. You make things happen. You contribute to the culture. You contribute to your industry. You teach. You transform. You transact. You’re well positioned as an expert, someone who knows how to get stuff done. You develop a reputation as someone who delivers on what he says, and then adds even more value on top of that. You are prolific in your outputs that matter. And you want to see lasting works last. You care a great deal about what you make. And see to it that it is of top quality for consumption. This is how your industry reputation is further enhanced. Things are made. Things are created. Things are shared. Expertise spreads. Reputations are built. The industry is in a virtuous circle.

People ask about fame. Everybody wants to be famous to someone else. The best way to create fame is to create valuable things people love and are worth spreading. This is how wildfire spreads. Fame is like wildfire. If something is incredible or remarkable, people will remark on it to others doing the work of fame for you. But it doesn’t just show up. You will have to do a ton of creating and performing to get there. For each hit, there are 100 or 1000 so-so’s. You even create your own competition with all of your creations. And then there is everyone else. Yet great works still stand out. You’re looking to create the great works only they aren’t up to you to pick. They’re up to your audience to pick. You can be a hitmaker but you have to be disciplined in your creation. You have to be willing to create over and over and over again to find the hit, and even then you might not find it. Yet you still get after it because you have an obligation to create to yourself, to your audience, to your people. You have creative performance necessity. It is a must for you.

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I’m a sales, marketing and tech Pro who creates content designed to help people solve problems and shift perspectives.

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